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                      Hebei SLN Sling Group Co, Ltd.


                      HEBEI SLN SLING GROUP CO.,LTD is a leading China manufacturer and supplier of polyester webbing slings, round slings, ratchet tie downs and all related accessories.
                      We mainly exported to EU and America market and other area.

                      EU market: UK, French, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria Etc.
                      Latin American: USA, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Chile Etc.

                      The producing standard we could follow European EN1492:2000, EN12195:2000, American ASME B30.9-2003 and other relative standard. SLN Group has experienced the ISO9001:2000 certificate which has the best producing machine in the world. 
                      CE, ABS, DNV, CCS are the certificates that we could offer to our customers.

                            SLN is our self-owned brand which registered in the year of 2005.
                      Do the safest slings ------Our Mission
                      Be the leader of producing slings------Our Goal
                      Use the natural materials for environmental protection------Our responsibility
                      based on fine quality products and standard production process,we succeed in applying for GS Certificate,CE certificate,ABS Certificate,CCS Certificate,DNV Certificate,ISO9001:2008Certificate.
                      We are a young and healthy company, full of enthusiasm and desire to work,we will provide you a quick response for your inquiry and close following up for your order.
                      Welcome to contact us !

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                      Hebei SLN Sling Group Co, Ltd.

                      Manufacturer for Polyester webbing, Webbing sling , Round sling, Ratchet straps, Ratchet tie down, Cargo lashing

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                      Tel: 0086-022-66205566
                      Dawangdian Industrial Park, Hebei, China,


                      H5/響應式/營銷型企業網站; 26種語言擴展;
                      覆蓋: 英文、法語、德語、西班牙語、葡萄牙語、俄語、阿拉伯語、波斯語、日語、韓語