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                      Health Products

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                      needle filter felt

                      Price: USD 1.00/
                      MOQ: 300


                      Needle punched felt mostly used to produce filter bags, which is widely adapted in industrial dust collection, reducing environmental pollution. We have produced all kinds of needle punched felt for nearly 20 years. Discuss your requirements with us, we can custom it for you.

                      Details of Needle Punched Felt

                      1.Optional Materials: PE, PP, PPS, P84, PTFE(Teflon), Aramid(Nomex), Acrylic, Fiberglass etc.

                      2.Heat-resistance: Max. to 500℃

                      3.Weight: 100-1200gsm

                      4.Thickness: 0.5mm - 20mm

                      5.Capacity: 20000 ㎡ per day (Standard product)

                      You can go through any of them from below:

                      PE Needle Punched Felt

                      PP Needle Punched Felt PTFE Needle Punched Felt PPS Needle Punched Felt
                      P84 Needle Punched Felt

                      ARAMId(NOMEX) Felt

                      Fiberglass Needle Felt Acrylic Needle Punched Felt

                      Free samples can be provided for your testing application

                      needle felts, filter felts, filter felting,

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                      Sewing Thread...


                      needle punched felt, dust filter bags, dust filter cloth and filter cage and sewing thread for industrial use

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