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                      Health Products

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                      10ml hyaluronic acid gel injections buttock Filler to buy

                      main ingredent: hyaluronic acid
                      Cross-linked: BDDE cross linked technology
                      content: 24mg/ml HA
                      Price: USD 80.00/pc


                      Top-Q ? Super Dermal Filler is an injectable long-lasting dermal filler. It is produced by cross-linked, reabsorbable, non-animal source hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in your body. Our product is a gel-like substance that is injected into the skin to add volume and lift up wrinkles and folds.

                      Top-Q ? Super Dermal Filler is a medical device sterile and for single use only. Top-Q ? SuperDermal Filler to be sold only to specially trained person.This product is used with medical device.

                      Shelf Life and Storage

                      Shelf life:2 years from the manufacturing date.As indicated on the package.

                      Storage conditions:Store up to 25°C.Protect from freezing and sunlight.

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                      High quality Top-Q hyaluronic acid dermal filler for anti-wrinkle...


                      50ml pure hyaluronic acid for butt enlargment...

                      Qufu Hi-tech Trading Co., Ltd

                      supplier hyaluronic acid serise products

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