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                      Chicken Nipple Drinker PH-01


                      Chicken Nipple Drinker PH-01

                      Chicken Nipple Drinker PH-01

                      Nipple Drinker

                      Product Description

                      Product Name: Automatic Nipple Drinker For Poultry Nipple Drinker PH-01

                      Type: cone valve

                      Material: SS304 + PP

                      Water Angle: 360°

                      Sealing: Twin sealing/single sealing

                      Connect: Threaded

                      Application: chicken drinker line in Poultry Farm

                      Description: This Type Chicken Waterer Nipple Drinker Manufactured with stainless steel parts inside a plastic housing. Screwed directly to a 22x22 mm square PVC pipe, or attached to a ? 25 mm round PVC pipe with a threaded plastic connector. Provides all the water requirements of the avian from day 1 to slaughter. No additional chick drinker is necessary. Standard production water passage values: 60 ml-80ml/ minute for layers, 80ml-120ml/minute for broiler. ( at 20 mbar)

                      Chicken Nipple Drinker PH-01,

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