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                      Power Distribution Equipment

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                      SG (B) 10 series Non-encapsulated H-class Dry-type Power Transformers


                      SG (B) 10 series Non-encapsulated H-class Dry-type Power Transformers

                      SG (B) 10 series Non-encapsulated H-class Dry-type Power Transformers

                      Dry type Power Transformers

                      hermetically sealed transformers

                      dry type transformer

                      Dry Type Transformer

                      Product Description

                      SG (B) 10 series of non-encapsulated H-class dry-type power transformers adopt the special process technology of German (MORA) dry-type transformers to ensure that the products fully meet the requirements such as fire prevention, waterproof ,environmental protection. It is the ideal product for distribution systems and widely used in the subway, shipbuilding, mining, chemical, power companies and personnel-intensive buildings as well as other special requirements of the occasion for safety.

                      We are pleased to deliver Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Power Transformer, Oil Transformer, Dry Type Transformer. Safe payment and on time deliver time will give you.If you want to know more about the product, please click here.

                      Dry type Power Transformers,

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                      S11 Series 6kV-35kV power Transformer With Off Circuit Tap Changer...

                      Oil Filled Power Transformer, Dry Type Transformer

                      Oil transformer, dry type transformer, HV/LV switchgear

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