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                      Building Materials

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                      Hot Galvanized Automatic Chicken Cage/Poultry Farm House Design custom steel structure chicken house


                      Hot Galvanized Automatic Chicken Cage/Poultry Farm House Design custom steel structure chicken house

                      Hot Galvanized Automatic Chicken Cage/Poultry Farm House Design custom steel structure chicken house

                      Integration (steel structure building construction + breeding equipment design and manufacturing + environmental control design + installation and after sales) greatly shortens the construction period compared with traditional chicken houses, and the coordination between the various professions is more closely. It has better heat preservation and insulation. The Hot Galvanized Automatic Chicken House is composed of feeding system, water drinking system, environmental control system and lighting system, which can improve the economic benefits of breeding.

                      poultry building Design Advantages
                      1.we can supply both steel structure chicken house and inner full set automatic equipment for both laying hens and broilers
                      2. All the steel frame are glavanized steel
                      3. Insulation:glavanized steel sheet + glass wool composite at project sit or choose EPS / fiber glass sandwhich panel
                      4. For layer /laying hens: we can supplier H type cage( battery cage) and A type cage,feeding line/drinking line /manure clean systerm /spray indisfect systerm are all automatic
                      5. For broilers: You can chose feed on floor or on the plastic floor,all the equipment we can supplier
                      6. We also can design and supplier equipment for you if you want to icubation and slaughter yourself. Including salugtter workshop we can do one stop service ,because we are also a professional steel structure company since 1996.

                      Main components of steel structure poultry hosue



                      1. base:

                      Concrete and steel foundation bolts

                      2,Column and beam:

                      material Q345or Q235 steel, all bolts connection ,straight cross-section or Variable cross-section

                      3. Bracing:

                      X or V or other type bracing made from angle , round pipe etc.

                      4. Galvanized C or Z purlin:

                      size from C100~C320,Z160~Z300

                      5. Roof and Wall Panel :

                      1,Single colorful corrugated steel sheet --Thickness:0.4-0.7mm; Width:470-1150mm, etc.

                      2. Sandwich panel with EPS, rock wool, glass wool , PU etc.

                      insulation -- Thickness around 50mm~150mm; Width : 960mm or 950mm

                      6. Vertical and transversal support:

                      Q235 angle steel, round bar or steel pipe.

                      7. wall

                      Wire meshes with curtain system or sandwich panel


                      1.Main feeding line system

                      2.Poultry feed pan system

                      3.Nipple drinking system

                      4.Ventilation system

                      5.Cooling pad system

                      6.Spraying system

                      7.Heating system

                      8.Environment control system

                      9. life span

                      50 years

                      10. packing

                      Standard container package 40 GP or 40 HQ container

                      11. size


                      12. Installation on site


                      As a professional container house and steel structure chicken house manufacturer in China, our company and products are well received and got high reputation at home and abroad.

                      For more product information, please click here.


                      Hot Galvanized Automatic Chicken Cage/Poultry Farm House Design custom steel structure chicken house,

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