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                      Agriculture Equipment & Supplies

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                      Flat Bottom Silo For Grain Storage


                      Flat Bottom Silos

                      Description of Flat Bottom Silos

                      Flat bottom silos (also called flat bottom bins, flat bins) are commonly selected steel silos or steel bins to storage bulk grains and other materials. Large volume storage is its typical feature, the storage volume of this type grain storage silo ranges from 39 m3 to 29726 m3. These grain bins are erected on flat or conical concrete foundations for long-term storage of large quantities of grain, seeds, pellets and granular products, etc. All our flat silos or flat bins are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with D-4097 or ASTM D-3299 standards.

                      The flat bottom bins are made of high quality 275g/m2, 300g/m2, 350g/m2 hot-dip galvanized steel plates which are rolled into corrugation and made into standard connecting holes. The vertical friction is support by the steel silo stiffeners which are evenly vertically applied in the silos. The connecting screw bolts are served with round galvanized steel washers, the connecting holes are served with age-resistant and water-proof daub belts that are for aviation special purpose.These plates and stiffeners are connected by high-strength screw bolts to keep the flat silo strong and durable. The flat bottom silos are equipped with flat repairing doors, outside ladder and ladder guard rings.

                      Specifications of Flat Bottom Silos

                      The volume of Shelley Brand Flat Bottom bin ranges from 30m3 to 1,875m3. The following is part of the specifications.

                      Main Components of Flat Silos

                      Shelley Brand flat bottom silos are composed of silo roof, manhole, roof handrail, natural vent, inside and outside ladder, ladder safety guard, inside and outside stiffener, silo door, door platform, sweeper, bucket elevators, dust collectors, temperature moisture controller, storage level indicator and storage control system. All of them are integrated into the seamless system to keep you grain storage automatic, safe, efficiently and effectively. All parts are of grain bins made with standard and high quality materials in the strict process and quality control. The following are some of them.

                      Water-proof Silo Roof

                      The top of flat bottom steel bin adopts umbrella frame and the frame material is made of C model straight carbon steel with zinc coating, which is equipped with natural ventilation windows, manhole, ladder and safety guards. The ceiling is made of galvanized steel tile plates. If the sealed roof diameter is less than 22m, the roof angle is 25o. Otherwise, the sealed roof angle is 30o .

                      Corrugated Silo Body

                      The steel flat silo body is designed and manufactured with hot-dip structural galvanizing steel plates with high elastic tolerance and stainless coating. These plates are rolled into corrugation and made into standard connecting holes. These plates and stiffeners are connected by high-strength screw bolts to form the corrugated silo body to keep the flat bins strong and durable.

                      Concrete Silo base

                      The cement cone base will be applied to automatically unload stored products when the capacity is big and flat bin diameter is less than 12m. The half-cone base or flat base will be constructed when the silo diameter is more than 12m. Half-cone base can’t completely unload the stuff, it needs to unload stuff with a spiral sweeper. Cement base has a mediate price and a long construction period.

                      Sweeper (Clear Dragon)

                      Sweeper (also called clear dragon) is designed and installed to pick up the remains of stored products and provide good flow through gravity (like wheat, maize, barley, grains and granules, etc.) in the bottom of the flat silos. It automatically starts up once the gravity flow has completely finished. It will clean up the remained material at a rotation of 360o inside the storage silo.

                      Flat Bottom Insulation Silos

                      Flat Bottom silos (also called flat bottom bins) can be designed and installed with heat retaining layer to meet your special insulated grain storage demands. Flat bottom insulated bins are effective facilitates to keep the stored products in finest quality and constant temperature from the dewdrop and moldy influence. Insulated storage bins are widely used in places where the temperature is large difference between the day and night and humid sites like seaside, they are also widely used in places where the weather are very cold at all seasons which will influence the seed vitality, steel insulated bins will keep the stored products in controlled condition. Our assembly flat bottom bins with insulation system can cover the capacities from 10 tons to 10000 tons.

                      The thermal insulated bin has three layers, the first layer is the inside layer, it’s also the general silo component parts made with hot-dip galvanized corrugated steel sheets; The second layer is the yellow part, it is the insulating layer made with high-quality thermal insulation rock wool; The third layer is the colorful steel plate or galvanizing sheets.

                      Production & Application

                      In recent years, we had invested more than 3,000,000 dollars into our 9,000 square meters state-of-the-art manufacturing grain bin factory. Our modern factory is equipped with the most advanced machines like fiber laser cutting machines, metal steel sheet CNC bending machine and professional welding line, etc , which give us the power to keep high product quality, shorter delivery time and competitive cost to meet the demands of our worldwide customers. Most products had been kept up with the international forefront counterparts. Some of them have enjoyed leading position, especially grain storage controlling software and grain security system.

                      Flat bottom silos are widely applied for grain storage, animal feed, flour, starch, rice milling factory, grease processing, brewing, mono sodium amalgamate, biology and chemical industry, environmental protection etc. Our farm used galvanized steel grain bins are also applied for other kinds of industries because of its large capacity and low cost.

                      Some Successful Flat Bottom Silo Projects

                      Our flat bottom silo projects were successfully installed and run in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, America, Uganda, Ethiopia, Honduras, Iran, India, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan, Serbia, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam, etc.

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