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                      Safety Products

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                      Sensor Three Wire Line SET-P09B



                      Welcome to use ES-P09B Infrared motion sensor!

                      The product is a new saving-energy switch, it adopts good sensitivity detector, integrated circuit. It gathers automatism, convenient safe, saving-energy and practical functions. It utilizes the infrared energy from human as control-signal source, it can start the load at once when one enters detection field. It can identify day and night automatically. It is easy to install and used widely.


                      Power Source: 220 -240V/AC Detection Range: 160°

                      Power Frequency: 50Hz Working Temperature:-20~+40℃

                      Ambient Light:3-2000LUX(adjustable) Working Humidity:<93%RH

                      Time-Delay : min:10sec±3sec Installation Height: 1m-1.8m

                      Max:7min±2min Power Consumption:0.45W (work)

                      Rated Load: 1200W (incandescent lamp) 0.1W (static)

                      300W(energy-saving lamp) Detection Motion Speed: 0.6-1.5m/s

                      Detection Distance: 9m max(<24℃)


                      ? Can identify day and night: The consumer can adjust work ambient light. It can work in the daytime and at night when it is adjusted on the “sun” position (max). It can work in the ambient light less than 3LUX when it is adjusted on the “moon” position (min). As for the adjustment pattern, please refer to the testing pattern.

                      ? Time-delay is added continually: When it receives the second induction signals after the first induction, it will compute time once more on the rest of the first time-delay basic.(set time)

                      ? Time-delay adjustment: It can be set according to the consumer’s desire. The minimum time is 10sec±3sec. The maximum is 7min±2min.

                      ? The switch: “ON”、“OFF”、“PIR”.

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