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                      LS Heavy Industry Engineering Co., Ltd.


                       We are proud of our Made-in-China, serving the world

                      LS Heavy Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. is a modern company based on LS Group, a long history and most famous open-die forging solution supplier in China. We are renowed for the high performance, reliability, stability of machine products and professional fit-to-customer-think service. The know-how helps us develop more state-of-the-art forging equipment as well as build trust and confidence from our customers. A large number tailor-made forging units have been completed through the relations between us and end users. Now we have constructed the largest facilities for planning, production, administration and after-sales service in China. A more quick response on whatever which including design, manufacture, delivery comes true. To-be-better shall always be motto for our development.

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                      LS Heavy Industry Engineering Co., Ltd.

                      China Manufacturer of Open Die Forging Press, Railbound Manipulator, Radial Forging Machine, Ring Rolling Mill, Horizontal Extrusion Press, Direct Motor Drive Screw Press

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                      Web: www.ls-press.com
                      Tel: +86-512-5832 8328
                      LS Group High Tech Equipment Industrial Park, Lanzhou New Area, Lanzhou City, Gansu, China, Jiangsu, China,


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